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4 Reasons That Make South Kolkata a Thriving Locality to Reside In

admin 10/08/2017

Kolkata is one of the largest metropolitan in the country. Established in the 1600s, the city was the first capital of the British India, which makes it quite a hub for several things. Rich heritage to delicious food, Kolkata offers everything you can ever ask for. The city is divided into three parts – north, central and south. While north and central Kolkata harbor the old city charm, south Kolkata is known for its modernity.

If you are planning to buy a house in Kolkata, then south Kolkata is the best place to reside. Want to know why? Here are the reasons given below.

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It is Less Congested

Kolkata may be a large metropolitan in the total area covered, however, unlike the northern part of the city, south Kolkata is less congested. The old part of the city, north and central Kolkata precisely, were built during the wee days and thus insufficient planning is evident. The southern localities, however, came into existence a few decades. The well – planned roads and the neighborhood allow more road space, thus, diminishing the possibilities of traffic jams.

It is Well – Connected with The Rest of The City

The North – South metro channel connects the city pretty well as people can travel long distances in a matter of few minutes with ease. Other than the metro, there are numerous buses and taxis plying to even the remotest corners of south Kolkata. The construction of the recent flyovers has further provided daily commuters with better connectivity around the city.

It has a Number of Tourist Attractions

From the Gold Course to the South City Mall, from National Library to Alipore Zoo, from Victoria Memorial to Race Course, some of the most prominent monuments are located in South Kolkata. If you take a day off and roam around this part of the city, you surely will have enough options to explore. And if you are too tired to move, visit Princep Ghat and watch the sun set in the calm depths of Ganga.

It is an Ideal Place to Grow Up

From Tollygunge to Ballygunge, Alipore to Jadavpur, south Kolkata hosts quite a few residential areas. The 3 bhk and 2 bhk flat in south Kolkata have ample space and provide numerous facilities like parking space, security, etc.. Many of the popular schools and colleges are located here. Families prefer settling here due to the convenience it offers, making this part of the city an ideal place to grow up.

Thus, it can very well – established that South Kolkata is the ideal place to reside in. with its broad tree – clad roads and wide pavements, it is the sophisticated part of Kolkata. buy 2bhk flat in Kolkata, and see your dream come true. The flats are cheap and affordable, as they do not break your bank. Top real estate developers are developing new projects to accommodate more people.

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Buying House in 2017? FIVE Critical Mistakes to Avoid

admin 30/06/2017

As exciting as the thought of buying a new house is, the actual process is quite a backbreaker. No wonder, even the pro real estate investors make mistakes every so often.

Are you planning to buy an affordable 3 BHK flat in Kolkata?

Experienced or newbie, you must be very careful to make your investment of optimal value. Here are 5 critical and common mistakes you should avoid:

1. Blindly Believing The Ads

When the property is open for the booking, the builders with their team of marketers, will go all out promoting the houses, facilities and offers. From TV and social media platforms to larger – than – life banners on the streets, you see and hear about them everywhere. Blindly believing on these ads and promotional campaigns is a recipe for disaster.

2. Not Having a Definite Budget

In quest for the ‘dream house’, it is very likely that you will stretch your budget and spend more than what you should or what you can afford. Hey, it’s not just you; it’s quite common. So it is very important that have a set a definite budget beyond which you just cannot spend however enticing the property is.

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3. Not Doing a Research on The Builder

Who is the builder of your to – be home? What kind of reputation do they enjoy in the market? What kind of work have they done in the past? All these are very important questions to ensure you’re putting your money in the right place.

Srijan Star Realty LLP is one of the leading and highly reputed real estate companies, offering affordable 3 BHK flat in Amtala. (Project name is Swapno Puron Amtala). Check it out were you looking for 3 BHK flat for sale in Kolkata.

4. Ignoring Inspections of The Property/Place

Buying property without actually seeing is the biggest mistake you can ever make. Mentioned already, what you see on ads and other promotional activities are not always true. To that, the number of fraud cases on the real estate scene is peaking higher. So don’t ignore the personal inspection of the property, place.

5. Overlooking The Amenities

What will make your stay at the new home a complete delight are those little facilities. So don’t overlook or compromise in this department. Are you getting car parking space, 24/7 security, gym, garden, walking area, swimming pools and cafes? These are basic amenities. Don’t buy a house without these.

The mentioned are 5 big mistakes people make when buying a new property. So invest in the right house and give your family (and you) a happier and prosperous future.

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