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After Amarpali, Jaypee Group Gaffe- Here are 5 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

admin 31/08/2017

Times like these, it isn’t hard to guess that Indian real estate sector isn’t in its best shape. If given the space in the mainstream media, one would find lakhs of homeowners protesting for one reason or another.

In fact, in Noida alone, over 30,000 home buyers are left on shaky grounds with insolvency proceedings launched against Jaypee Group by National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT). Amarpali Group is another renowned real estate builder giving woes to the commoners in the same state. Scores of home buyers have taken it to the streets, protesting for the delayed possession of their flats.

Learning from the mistakes of others

Like the saying goes—mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating. As aching as the Amarpali and Jaypee gaffe is, it’s also the perfect example for other home buyers to learn from.

“It is time for the Indian middle class to seriously reflect and reconsider. The real estate boom-to-bust story has lessons for everyone,” points out Hindustan Times.

3 BHK Flat Near Joka

Are you looking to buy a new home?

Given the magnitude of the investment, it is very important you venture the path with great caution. Things are much more complex than suiting yourself the right apartment and offering money to the builders. To stay on the safer side of the fence, you must consider a range of factors to not only optimize your return in the busted real estate sector of this country but to also avoid the stress and fate that of Amarpali and Jaypee Group home buyers.

Here are 5 Expert Tips for the first-time home buyers:

  1. Value the reputation of the builders at the very top—and not their popularity. Marketing can inflate their recognition not their repute and quality of work.
  2. Never underestimate the relevance of having a nice neighbourhood. Factor not just the crime rate of the area but also other aspects including the lifestyle of the neighbours.
  3. Keep your finances ready. Make sure even after the payment, you’re left with adequate amount. The rule is simple— you should be able to afford a mortgage three times your income.
  4. Go for the likes of 3 BHK flat near Joka that not only is cost-effective but also have super locality. To that, the affordable 3 BHK flat near Joka also highlights a fine blend of architectural marvel and remarkable connectivity with the city.
  5. Don’t blindly trust the “experts”, news and big banners. Don’t take all the claims at their face value, but put forth your own calculations and measures in use.

Of course, the tips for first-time home buyers run beyond the mentioned ones. The simple mantra to stay safe is to keep your eyes open and brain thinking.

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3 Reasons Why Kolkata is The Paradise for All Young Families

admin 31/07/2017

Kolkata is one of the oldest metropolitans in India and has rightfully earned all the attention. More people along with their families are shifting here for this is the city that is vibrant and full of life (well, except the afternoons). Pointing out all the wonders of Kolkata can go on for days, so here is looking at a few points that make it worth living in.

Cheap and Affordable Living

With cheap 2 bhk flats and affordable 3 bhk flat in Kolkata, finding a reasonable accommodation is easy. Real estate companies are developing huge residential complexes to provide more housing options to the families out there. They have chosen the top locations in the city that offer amenities and facilities of all sorts. Be it schools or hospitals, with the fast developing skyline of Kolkata, you can be assured of finding your dream house in the City of Joy.

Affordable 3 BHK Flat in Amtala

Easy Transport

One of the best things about living in Kolkata is it has a well – developed transport system. Be it the public buses or taxis, auto rickshaws or metro, you can travel from one end of the city to another without having to break a sweat. The plenty of options coupled with regular availability makes living in Kolkata easier than the rest of the Metropolitans (no offence). And if you are up for an old world charm, hop on a tram and enjoy the view of the busy streets.

Roadside Food

Nowhere in India, absolutely nowhere, can you find such variety of delectable roadside food. From phuchka to dosa, chaat to rolls, noodles to bhaat – daal, if you are hungry and need to feed your tummy, this is the right place to be. You can’t complain about hygiene, but you will sure praise the wonder and taste each of the thousand stall owners brings to the dishes. And if it is your sweet tooth that we are talking about, get in any of the sweet shopss and indulge in some sugary treat.

Thus, when you live in Kolkata, you will not be disappointed. It has so much to offer. The old world charm, the rich heritage, the indomitable spirit, the lazy afternoons, the never – ending knowledge about sports and politics, the para addas and love for a fulfilling life is everything you get in Kolkata.

The real estate companies are building affordable 3 bhk flat in Amtala and other top locations in Kolkata to accommodate more of the young families. So come and live life in the City of Joy.

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5 Best Places to Live in Kolkata

admin 20/07/2017

Looking to buy a new house in Kolkata? Or maybe shifting to the City of Joy for the first time? If you want to settle down here, then better take a look at the following localities for they offer much more than just beautiful scenery.

Salt Lake

Smartly designed and the gateway to the modern world, Salt Lake is often considered to be the best residential place in Kolkata. The IT sector professionals settle here because of its convenience and closeness to Sector 5. The localities charm lies in its cosy buildings, labyrinth structure and proximity to a variety of amenities.


Until a few years back, Garia used to be the perfect neighbourhood, quiet and serene. But the development of 2 bhk flat in south Kolkata in the recent times has made this one of the best places to reside in. the new metro station and international schools have made this location an ideal hub for young families.

2 BHK Flats for Sale in Kolkata

New Town

The new town is another top choice for IT professionals and young family. It has emerged rapidly over the last few years as real estate companies have invested in making cheap accommodation available to all. Close to the IT sector, New Town is identified by broad roads, greenery, sky scrapers and contemporary malls.


With locations like the golf course and the Tollywood film club, Tollygunge is one of the poshest areas in Kolkata and a popular destination in South Kolkata. Bursting with liveliness and delectable restaurants, stars and wide roads, the residential types burgeoning here are either apartments or complexes.

New Alipore

From hospitals to schools, well-connected public transport to the solid underground drainage system, New Alipore is the perfect place to live in. It has converted into a residential gem with its contemporary charm and paved roads.

With real estate companies developing new buildings all over Kolkata, these are some of the main places for growth because of their easy connectivity with the rest of the city and their fast growing persona. There are 2 bhk flats for sale in Kolkata that can be purchased in these elite localities at a price that doesn’t break your bank.

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Buying House in 2017? FIVE Critical Mistakes to Avoid

admin 30/06/2017

As exciting as the thought of buying a new house is, the actual process is quite a backbreaker. No wonder, even the pro real estate investors make mistakes every so often.

Are you planning to buy an affordable 3 BHK flat in Kolkata?

Experienced or newbie, you must be very careful to make your investment of optimal value. Here are 5 critical and common mistakes you should avoid:

1. Blindly Believing The Ads

When the property is open for the booking, the builders with their team of marketers, will go all out promoting the houses, facilities and offers. From TV and social media platforms to larger – than – life banners on the streets, you see and hear about them everywhere. Blindly believing on these ads and promotional campaigns is a recipe for disaster.

2. Not Having a Definite Budget

In quest for the ‘dream house’, it is very likely that you will stretch your budget and spend more than what you should or what you can afford. Hey, it’s not just you; it’s quite common. So it is very important that have a set a definite budget beyond which you just cannot spend however enticing the property is.

Affordable 3 BHK Flat in Amtala

3. Not Doing a Research on The Builder

Who is the builder of your to – be home? What kind of reputation do they enjoy in the market? What kind of work have they done in the past? All these are very important questions to ensure you’re putting your money in the right place.

Srijan Star Realty LLP is one of the leading and highly reputed real estate companies, offering affordable 3 BHK flat in Amtala. (Project name is Swapno Puron Amtala). Check it out were you looking for 3 BHK flat for sale in Kolkata.

4. Ignoring Inspections of The Property/Place

Buying property without actually seeing is the biggest mistake you can ever make. Mentioned already, what you see on ads and other promotional activities are not always true. To that, the number of fraud cases on the real estate scene is peaking higher. So don’t ignore the personal inspection of the property, place.

5. Overlooking The Amenities

What will make your stay at the new home a complete delight are those little facilities. So don’t overlook or compromise in this department. Are you getting car parking space, 24/7 security, gym, garden, walking area, swimming pools and cafes? These are basic amenities. Don’t buy a house without these.

The mentioned are 5 big mistakes people make when buying a new property. So invest in the right house and give your family (and you) a happier and prosperous future.

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Looking for a 2 BHK Flat Near Joka? Watch Out for Some Essentials Tips

admin 03/06/2017

Investing in flats instead of plots or houses is a trending affair today, and hence the real estate companies are bringing in new residential complexes in no time. From the single apartments to the colonial structures, flats are highly in demand today, and people are looking for the best deals at affordable rates. Buying apartments from the real estate agents is dependent on many variables like personal preferences, location, budget, etc. and these considerations are to be made before finalising anything.

With the changing scenario, apart from the personal considerations, you are also supposed to take care of few other factors that will end up giving you the right choice. But here are some of the essential tips by experts that are to be watched out while buying a 2 bhk flat near Joka, in Kolkata.

Be assured of the legality

Make sure that the flat you are buying is legally approved by the local government body or not. The men in power authorize to approve maps of any building, and the buyer must check the legality so that no problems are faced in the future. A buyer must check the approvals of the local governing body before entering into agreement or contract.

Is the builder reputed?

While looking for an affordable 2 bhk flat near Joka through a builder, you first need to understand the reputation they hold in the market. You can check the internet to look for reviews and feedbacks posted by others, or also visit the other properties built by the buyers and talk to the residents to get a clear idea. All these are to be done to ensure that the builder hands over the flat by the promised date.

Affordable Flats Near Joka

Look at the competitors too

Before finalising on the property by a particular builder, you also should research on the work done by different builders in the same location. This will help you judge and compare the qualities, prices and facilities rendered by the builder.

Is the location suitable?

Be it on the main road, or at the suburbs or the city, make sure that the location of the property complements your requirements. Plan things well, so that you don’t have any regrets in the future regarding the locality you reside in.

The features in details

The facilities and amenities provided in the flat by the builder should be useful and not cosmetic, and in tune with what your priorities are. They might try to convince you on certain things that will cross your budget, and this will turn fatal. Thus, study the characteristic and provisions offered by the property in details before buying the apartment.

Thus, be it the affordable 3 bhk flat near Joka, or a 2bhk, make sure to look after certain considerations before finalising.

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Why Having a 2 BHK Flat in Amtala the Best Choice for Kolkata Residents Today?

admin 26/05/2017

Investing in flats have become a trend today, and why not? Having another property or a brand new one is always accounted for a very wise decision. Having apartments are more convenient and financially easy, as you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for a land and getting your own house done there. With the increasing land rates, it is getting difficult for families to build homes, and hence they are resorting to the easier option by investing in flats.

The residents of Kolkata will get to notice a number of flats being brought up in Amtala and Joka area, and this has given way to a number of options for them. The real estate companies are bringing in multi-storey flats in residential complexes that guarantee the best stay at reasonable rates. This has boosted the craze for buying them, and living in a quite posh way.

Wondering why people are choosing a 2 bhk flat in Amtala more than any other place in Kolkata? We have got you covered.

2 BHK Flats For Sale in Kolkata

Cheap Rates

Well, the flats built in Amtala are comparatively cheaper, and are sold at the best competitive prices. Thus, if you have a certain budget in mind and you are looking for something reasonable for your family, you can always look for the real estate companies that sell flats and apartments in Amtala. They have the best options with a number of amenities to satiate tour requirements within the financial boundaries you have set. You not only get differently priced flats, but also these companies will end having looking for something that has a holistic approach without being too costly. Thus, if you want to avoid overpriced 2 bhk flats in Kolkata, you definitely should choose Amtala to reside in.

Endless Options to Splurge In

If you choose Amtala to have a 2 bhk flat in Kolkata, you end up coming across a wide array of endless options from the topmost real estate companies. They have a wide range of residential complexes build in the Amtala and Joka area, and hence choosing the one that complements tour specifications becomes easy. You can get a single flat to an apartment in a colony or residential boundary, from fully to semi furnished and much more. With various characteristics, you will find it easy to choose the best among the assorted range of flats that the real estate company puts in front of you.

The Location Speaks for Everything

Amtala is Kolkata has become the most popular location for 2 bhk flats for sale in Kolkata, and there are few reasons that can be quoted for this. Well, this is supposed to be a very less congested and polluted part of Kolkata, and for peace lovers, this happens to be the best option. Also, with a lot of greenery and space you get a standard of living here that is missing from the other localities of the city. Not to forget, Amtala is a posh area, and has great accessibility and connectivity to the rest of the city, with clean roads and easy transport mediums available.

Thus, residents of Kolkata or outside who are looking forward to invest in a brand new 2bhk apartment in Kolkata, must choose Amtala for its increase craze, having the best properties at the most affordable rates.

If you choose Amtala to have a 2 bhk flat in Kolkata, you end up coming across a wide array of endless options from the topmost real estate companies.

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5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a New House

admin 24/05/2017

Want to buy a new house? Have some great options available yet there is something that is bothering you. It is not easy to find your dream house. You have to put in a considerable amount of time and effort before you can find the perfect one. But that can be tiring and frustrating. Well, to help sort your problem, here is given a list of things that you need to consider before making an investment. Read on and find out more about them.

Location of the apartment

You might not realize this at first, but the location of the apartment or the house that you are planning to buy has a great significance. It is true that you can change almost everything about your home, except one thing- exactly, the location. When you are looking for a house, make sure to be mindful about the location. Ask yourself the questions- how far it is from your workplace? Is the school nearby? Is commute easily available? If you get a positive response to all the questions, then just seal the deal.

Commutation services

As mentioned in the point above, the location of the apartment is important. So are the commutation facilities. In a city like Kolkata where the general public depends much on the civic transport, it is necessary to analyze the services available. Metro, bus, auto rickshaws, hand rickshaws, taxies are some of the transport options that should be easily available for easier and faster transport services.

Affordable 2 BHK Flat Near Joka

Availability of important amenities

Another important aspect to consider when buying a house is the availability of other facilities. Other facilities include grocery shops, chemists, supermarkets, community centers, parks, parking space, open area and movie theatres as well. These factors determine the kind of life you will have. Just imagine, having to wake up early morning and walk a mile to buy vegetables! Frustrating right? So make a choice wise enough. Affordable 2 bhk flat near Joka have a lot of facilities to offer other the beautiful apartments.


A Croatian proverb reads “A bad harvest is better than a bad neighbor.”A bad neighbor can potentially cause disharmony in your life. It is a misfortune to have a bad neighbor. So make sure of the locale the house is located in. 2 bhk flat near Joka have a great locality with friendly people which will make your stay in your dream house better.

Do you really like it?

Even if the above points check out in your list, ask yourself- do you really like the house? Buying an apartment involves making big investment. And once it is done, there is not turning back. Thus, inspect the house well, analyze it well and then come to a conclusion. If you really like it, then go ahead, make the payment and live in your dream house.

Consult prominent realtors before making any purchase. Search a lot and don’t just settle for anything half-heartedly. Two bhk and affordable 3 bhk flat near Joka are being developed by top real estate developers in the city which can be purchased easily without burning a hole in the pocket.

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5 Summer Decorating Ideas That Will Amplify The Beauty of Your Home

admin 16/05/2017

Sprucing up every corner of your house according to the seasonal motifs can be quite tedious. But in a tropical country like India, where it is hot all year long, having a home décor that offers cool and beautiful look is important and easy. You need to apply the following tips in order to get an immaculate finish. Keep reading as few interior decoration tips have been summarized as given below.

Tip 1: Extend The Decor Outdoors

One of the best ways to create more space is to extend the décor in the outdoor spaces. If you live in a 2 bhk flat in south Kolkata as developed by top realtors, you will have access to a lot of open space, which includes big verandah. Use potted plants, soft small rugs and comfy chairs to create your own space. Decorate the patio further using cactus plants and soft lights to give this place a homely and cozy feeling. Perfect summer getaway!

2 BHK Flat in South Kolkata

Tip 2: Neutral Colors are Bedroom Exclusive

Bedrooms should be appealing in their own way, and using sift neutral shades gives it a warm finish. No matter what décor you are opting for, eclectic or modern, traditional or Mediterranean, using shades of orange and yellow can help create a perfect summer retreat. Added advice, use soft lights for the perfect soothing vibe.

Tip 3: White Accents with Touches of Color

White instantly lightens up a room and makes your room look bigger. Dark colored furniture (like teak chairs and mahogany tables) accentuates the immaculate appeal of the house. Using textures for the furniture and giving the room a vibrant feel with nice lamps and dark curtains, can be a great way to liven the white room.

2 BHK Flat in Amtala

Tip 4: Floral Decor for The Win

Summer means flowers and colors. So make the best use of it to decorate your newly acquired 2 bhk flat in Amtala. These flats offer a lot of space, thus, allowing you to incorporate throw pillows and big vases in the rooms. You can also use vivacious wall paintings to add elegance to the room.

Tip 5: Shelves, Shelves and Some More Shelves

You can use shelves of different sizes to create a nook in that unused corner of your house. Further, putting up shelves can help you store your belongings easily. From kitchen to bathroom to living room to bedroom, shelves are utilitarian and visually help you store more things without much effort. If you have kids, then you can use their toys to decorate the shelves. This idea is single handedly practical and beautiful to look at.

Thus, if you are looking to buy and decorate your 3 bhk flat in Amtala, top real estate developers have multiple options for you to choose from. These houses have lots of space, thus allowing you to decorate them accordingly. And with summer here, this is the perfect time to color things up.

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Beginners’ Guide: Hunting and Buying (and Living in) the Best Flat in Kolkata

admin 11/05/2017

Buying a new house could possibly be one of your life’s biggest decisions. Investing such a big amount, you’re basically putting in a large part of years’ of savings. So it is imperative (read: essential) that you think things through before making any move; because this is where you just can’t afford to make any mistakes.

While as simple as some people may have had you believe, hunting for and buying good 3 BHK flats in Kolkata is difficult. It is way much more than just shooting your Browser and Googling. You need to act smart—and, above all, you need to have good real estate agents by your side.

Are you planning to purchase any property?

Here’s for beginners, 7 things they should do before buying a flat:

1. Check the reputation of the builder

The market is crowded with real estate agencies. So the first task-at-hand for you is to check the reputation and credibility of the builder of apartment you have finalized on. Bear in mind their experience, their team of professionals, the success they had in the past and their upcoming projects. These can easily tell if the builder is worth going with or not.

2. Verify all the legal paperwork of the project

Cases have emerged of people investing in Real Estates only to know later that the project wasn’t legally approved. So take time to verify all the legal paper-works of the builder. Check if the map of the building is approved, if the certificate is issued to commence the work and if project has got environmental clearance.

3. Do your area calculations properly

Whether going with 2 or 3 BHK flat in Amtala, do the area calculation properly. There are three related terms here that you will come across: carpet area (the area within the four walls of the apartment), Built up area (the total area of the plot, including the area occupied by the four walls) and Super built up area (the area including carper, built up and the proportionate of common areas). Builders usually mention about super built up area in their brochures. Don’t just blindly believe their words. Do your own research and calculation.

3 BHK Flat Near Joka

4. Factor the location of the project

The location where you’re buying the apartment plays a very significant role in how convenient will it all be for you and the family. Like how close the hospitals, bus stations, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, colleges, banks and other essential and luxury destinations are from your flat. How well the place is linked to the rest of the cities. Factor all these before finalizing!

5. Don’t overlook the amenities

Buying a flat is much more just the area, location and price. Like with a 2 or 3 BHK flat near Joka, you also get additional facilities like car parking, 14 hour filtered water supply, round the clock security, community hall, parks, built-in gym, food courts, coffee shops, clubs, swimming pools and much more. So when looking for a nice house, look also for such amenities.

6. The total budget required; price of the plot

Of course, this is a must—considering the total cost of buying the apartment. Again, don’t just blindly believe what the builders tell you. You must do your own thorough research. Often, you will be told about the basic cost of the property, not undertaking other factors development fees, parking charges and other services. It is your duty to find it out personally. Know the total definite amount you’re going to have to pay and then choose the right payment plan accordingly.

7. Can you see yourself (and family) living in this apartment?

This is the most important question you must ask yourself, whether buying 3 BHK flat in Kolkata or anywhere else—can you see your family and yourself living in this house? If the answer is “Yes”, go for it; if not, keep looking.

These are 7 things that everyone must factor before buying a house. The decision is big—and so is the amount. So take your time and act smart when making decision.


Srijan Star Realty LLP is one of the well-renowned real estate developers, highlighting years of experience under its belt. The company is committed to make housing affordable. Having written grand success stories in the past, it is currently working in a first gated residential project- Swapno Puron Amtala.

Packed with a host of amenities, Swapno Puron Amtala has 11 blocks and over 300 flats of 2 and 3 BHK flats in Kolkata. With the starting price of Rs 13 Lacs, the apartments here vouch to deliver residents a delightful and serene living experience with peace and architectural marvel surrounding the parameter.

Invest in these flats to give your family and yourself a prosper future ahead.

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A Pleasing (and Affordable) Living Experience at Swapno Puron Amtala

admin 05/05/2017
 "The home you live in shapes the kind of person you grow up to become."

Located in D.H Road, Amtala, Swapno Puron Amtala is a first gated community residential project of Srijan Star Realty LLP. This leading developer aims to make luxury living affordable. Blending high-end facilities with a pinch of architectural finesse and affordability, the houses in Swapno Puron Amtala is all you have always wished for your family and yourself.

Spanning over 8 Bigha of land, the project packs 11 blocks and over 300 flats of 2 BHK flat for sale in Kolkata, with green and environment-friendly surrounding, all ready to deliver you a peaceful and pleasing leaving experience.

High-End Amenities for a Complete Luxury Feel

Swapno Puron Amtala offers a host of amenities to the residents that make every penny spent in the flats here completely worthwhile. It has open/covered car parking, AC community hall, walking track, landscape garden and 24-hour filtered water supply.

For a gala and productive time with friends, it also has badminton, carom and table tennis, coffee shop, club (in subsequent phase), swimming pool, mini theatre, gym, yoga/meditation and a perfect lounge area.

Also, enjoying a holistic experience in your affordable 2 BHK flat in Amtala at Swapno Puron Amtala, expect full safety all along with round-the-clock security surveillance on the perimeter.

Affordable 2 BHK Flat in Amtala

Perfect Location That Delivers Maximum Convenience

The apt location of the project ensures full convenience to the residents. It brags easy connectivity to the major parts of the state; just 28kms away from Howrah Station and 45kms away from the airport. Amtala Gramin Hospital is just a kilometer away while Bazar Kolkata Shopping Mall is just 500 meters away. Also, multiplexes, schools, colleges, banks, and police station, they are all easily accessible.

Srijan Star Realty LLP Is a Name You Can Trust

So were you always dreaming to live in a perfect and affordable 2 BHK flat in Kolkata with your significant half or were looking around for a perfect home for your parents and children, make it a reality today! Buy a flat at Swapno Puron; starting price is just Rs 13 Lacs.

Having years of market experience and highlight many successful completed projects, including Trinity Plaza and Maestro Business Park, Srijan Star Realty LLP is a name you can trust to deliver you with no less than the best.

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